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We secure powerful exposure for talented people, putting authors, entrepreneurs, CEOs, coaches, and thought leaders in front of big audiences to lift their profile to another level.

Expert Profiling

Behind every brilliant business there is a very interesting person.

People buy from people so it’s important that your customers see the personality, the expertise and the vision that makes your business unique.

We help very interesting people to stand out. Working with entrepreneurs, speakers, authors, coaches and experts in the B2B and B2C fields, we share their expertise with the right audiences, building credibility and boosting their brand.

Expert Comment

Very Interesting People (VIPs) deserve to be heard. We make sure that your advice, comments and thought leadership articles are published in the media that you want to be in. We can support you with generating ideas that the media will love and turning your insights into powerful, thought-provoking articles that will be read, remembered and shared.

Media Interviews

Got something to talk about? Let us generate radio interviews, Q&As and opportunities to add comment on the topics that matter to you.

Journalist Relationships

Over the last 10 years we’ve built relationships with hundreds of journalists who are actively looking for experts to offer advice, comment and interesting content. So as well as implementing proactive campaigns, we also jump on reactive opportunities, ensuring that journalist come to you when they need an industry expert.

Product Profiling

Any profiling of YOU also gains exposure for your products or services. We will maximise the benefit of every PR opportunity by crediting relevant products – be that an forthcoming event, a business venture, a new service or a book launch. It is our business to know your business, understand your objectives and priorities, so that we can ensure all PR activity contributes to the bottom line.

Your Portfolio

The PR objective for many of our clients is to build their media profile in order to attract publishing deals, increase sales, secure speaking gigs and for business development. To help them achieve this we keep an updated Coverage Book to showcase what the media have said about them and the audience reach. Our VIPs can access this and share at any time, and many have won publishing deals, business opportunities and speaking gigs as a direct result of their improved profile.

Social media

Public relations is no longer limited to traditional media so we encourage all of our VIPs to maintain a strong online presence. Some of you will be social media super stars already but if you don’t have the time (or the inclination) then we offer day to day social media management to amplify the reach of your PR.

Some of our VIPs

Terence MauriLeadership author, speaker and mentorExpert profiling and publicity for The Leader’s Mindset: How To Win In The Age of Disruption

Lara MorganEntrepreneur, investor & business growth expertProfiling Lara and her companies in national business and consumer press

Andy CopeDr of HappinessSecuring expert comment and publicity for books and events in mainstream consumer media

Kate TojeiroExpert in promoting self-belief in business & leadershipBook publicity campaign with ongoing expert profiling in target business and lifestyle press


Book Publicity

Behind every brilliant book there is a very interesting person.

We understand that the most powerful book publicity goes beyond traditional book reviews, extracts and serialisation to also champion the author and position them as the trusted expert in their field.

Over the last decade we’ve delivered successful campaigns for over a hundred books, working direct with both authors and some of the world’s leading publishers. We specialise in non-fiction and are most known for our work with business, marketing and leadership titles.

Author Profiling

As an author you’ve no doubt got interesting things to say. We know how to find the hooks and angles to deliver your ideas in way that the media will love. We will secure interviews, comment, by-lined articles and guest blogs to position you as a go-to expert.

Media Relations

On appointment we will pull together a target media list to ensure we are all on the same page (excuse the pun). We will work with you to develop and facilitate strong relationships with key journalists that will last beyond the initial book launch.

Book Reviews

Book reviews are always going to be a powerful way to drive awareness of and interest in and your book. Reviews are a crucial part of our book campaigns and we have exceptional relationships with tradition print and online reviewers.


We secure regular interviews for our authors in print, online and broadcast media and ensure you are prepared, ready to get your message across.

Extracts & Serialisation

Non fictional titles lend themselves well to serialisation and extracts. We will identify the most suitable publications and determine the chapters that will appeal to their audience.

Media Partnerships

We can organise reader offers and competitions to generate media exposure for your books in high profile publications.

Our Latest News

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March 23 2016

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ViPPR appointed by top resilience expert

March 23 2016

Psychotherapist and resilience coach appoints ViPPR

Inc. Magazine Top 100 leadership speaker appoints ViPPR

March 23 2016

Terence Mauri appoints ViP to manage his book publicity


Our vision is to see a world where interesting ideas help people to learn, laugh and grow. Our mission is to enable very interesting people share their insights, build their profile and stand out from the noise.

We love talking to very interesting people from all walks of do journalists.

That’s how vipPR works. Talented people with something genuinely interesting to say are a breath of fresh air to journalists. We just make sure they get their message across.

Ella Gascoigne

After an exciting career in London as a PR Manager for ITV and a Publicist for a leading business publisher, I decided to fulfil my own goal and set up a PR agency with a difference.

I wanted to represent clients who I admired, work with people who were truly interesting and feel proud of every campaign I pitched. That was more than 8 years ago and since then I’ve pretty much had the best job in the world. I’ve meet hundreds of very interesting people (or VIPs as we like to call them). Building the media profile of some of the World’s most interesting people hardly feels like work at all. Every single day I learn something new from our VIPs – why wearing my best pants to work will make me feel happy, why I should use a standing desk, why my coffee addiction isn’t necessarily a bad thing, how to use breathing techniques to combat my fear of public speaking, how to boost my memory, how to win a pitch and even how to get my 1 year old to sleep through the night! I’m constantly inspired and enthused by our VIPs and I want to share their ideas with big audiences so others can learn from them too.

Coming from a non-agency background, I wanted to recreate that ‘in-house’ PR experience with a straight-talking approach. We don’t do ‘PR fluff’. We don’t promise the impossible. We don’t massage egos. We do give you honest guidance, winning ideas and deliver brilliant results.

How I work: I’m a wanderer! Before planning any PR campaign I drag one of our team out for a brisk talk and walk in the Herefordshire Hills (or I go alone and talk to myself). My best ideas come to me when I’m surrounded by green hills, cows and countryside ‘fresh’ air.

Matt Davidson

During my career I have been lucky to have worked for some great brands across a wide range of industries, including travel, gambling and financial services. I have witnessed first-hand how the enthusiasm, energy and expertise of the people at the top of an organisation can have a massive influence on how a business is seen, so it is exciting to now work with the kind of very interesting people who really do shape the way others think.

Every day is a school day in our office, and I love that I learn something new from each and every client we talk to. In fact, I learn things about topics I didn’t even realise were interesting until the right person shared their expertise and enthusiasm with me. I still get a buzz from helping clients to pass that wisdom on to a wider audience, whether that is by placing a guest article in a glossy magazine or securing an opportunity to provide expert comment on a national radio show.

Away from the office I love to get outdoors with my family and playing or watching sport, but I’ll often find my mind going back to the articles or insights that clients have sent my way. Did you know cacao is the richest source of epicatechin, which improves the elasticity of your blood vessels? Neither did I, until I started working here.

How I work: “I would love to be able to describe myself as a dynamic go-getter, but in reality you’re more likely to find me hunched over a laptop and lukewarm coffee, writing and re-writing articles and press releases until I am happy I have got the messages just right.

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