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ViPPR secure 9 pieces of coverage in first 2 weeks of being appointed

March 23 2016

Thumbs up for ViPPR who secure extensive media in first few weeks

ViPPR appointed by top resilience expert

March 23 2016

Psychotherapist and resilience coach appoints ViPPR

Inc. Magazine Top 100 leadership speaker appoints ViPPR

March 23 2016

Terence Mauri appoints ViP to manage his book publicity

Very Interesting Tweeters

February 08 2016

Like traditional media, social media is a fantastic way to get your message out to millions of people around the world.

Awards for Very Interesting People (ViPs)

February 02 2016

ViPs do interesting things, have interesting ideas and achieve amazing things - so celebrate it!

Very Interesting Books

February 02 2016

We love a good book at vipPR so we’ve decided to do a regular round up of Very Interesting Books.

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